Ask Yourself These 4 Big Questions

As we go through our regular, daily lives, does it all seem a bit…boring? Bland? Like something is missing? You are right! There is more to this universe than meets the eye. There are patterns of life cycles and principles of the universe that Mother Earth wants us to know. Before you can learn, you need to ask the right questions. Only then will you get the answer’s you’re searching for.

Who are we? No, the answer to this isn’t “people” or “humans” or even “homo sapiens.” A better way to ask the same question may be “Why are we here?” or “What is our reality?” Reality consists of anything made of matter, like a human being or an animal, plus tables, chairs, trees, houses, and so on. Of course, you need to include some more abstract but “real” concepts such as space, memories, and time. But, who does that make us? What is consciousness? This question leads to more questions instead of an easy answer.

Why are we here? Why are you here on Earth? Why are any of us here? It can be a passing thought or a question that launches a full-on existential exploration. Having a sense of meaning and purpose in life is not just nice to have, it is necessary. Why are humans on this Earth? Why is Earth in the Milkyway? Our Milky Way galaxy is but one among hundreds of billions of others in an expanding Universe. Why is any of it here?

What is our purpose? Once you begin to wonder why humans are here, it naturally leads to wondering what the purpose of your life is. And beyond this, what is the purpose of the human race being here on Earth at all? Does Mother Earth want us here? Does she want us gone? Is she warning us of impending dangers, like viruses and nuclear wars, because she wants us to stay and fulfil a purpose? Or perhaps, she’s isn’t warning us at all but actually letting us know she is mad we aren’t fulfilling the purpose we were designed to. Is it possible we have no purpose at all? Could we really be that insignificant in the big scheme of things?

What is our place in the universe? The more we know, the more insignificant we are. Whether we have a purpose and whether we find out what it is, where does that leave us? What is our place in a vast universe that doesn’t seem to even notice we’re here? We certainly are not the centre of the universe…or are we? This entire universe is in a state of constant change, as planets, stars and galaxies are born and die. Will our planet die, and us along with us?

These are the four big questions you really need to ask yourself. What is your purpose? What is the meaning of life? For more information on these questions, as well as others, read the book series Equilibra. The first book, Ultimatum, discusses these topics in more depth. Author Paul Oquist goes into great detail into the answers you’re looking for. Order your copy of Ultimatum today!