4 Most Popular Pandemic Conspiracy Theories

When things feel out of control, people search for a reason. The world certainly feels out of control right now! The Coronavirus Pandemic is raging on, especially in America where it seems to be spreading unchecked. It’s hard to believe something so deadly and so damaging is simply an accident. This is why many people across the globe are finding the so-called conspiracy theories provide the answers they’re looking for. These are the most popular conspiracy theories regarding the COVID-19 pandemic:

#1 The coronavirus is a bioweapon. This one seems to be the most popular because for many, it’s just too hard to believe that something so perfectly destructive is a pure accident of nature. Some believe that the Coronavirus is a biological weapon intended as either an act of medical warfare or a means to control the world population. Some Americans believe that the Chinese government engineered the SARS strain to attack the US, while others in China believe the exact opposite and think our government made it to attack them.

#2 Bill Gates is using COVID-19 to install human trackers via the vaccine. Some people think the entire pandemic is a way to trick or force people to get a vaccine. This isn’t a regular vaccine, though. They think billionaire Bill Gates will use the opportunity to inject trackers into everyone’s bodies.

#3 5G cell towers are to blame for the coronavirus. 5G towers create superfast internet connections, but some believe they are to blame for the Coronavirus pandemic. The theory is that tiny radio waves emitted by the towers are causing our bodies to become more vulnerable to the virus, or even cause the sickness outright. As an offshoot of the main theory, others think the cellphone infrastructure causes separate health conditions, and the pandemic is a coverup for those. In the UK alone, there have been more than 80 instances of 5G-truthers vandalizing or attempting to burn down the new cell towers.

#4 COVID-19 will usher in ‘New World Order.’ Those who think the country or even the entire world is controlled by the deep-state are saying the Coronavirus Pandemic is really a government coup. Campaigns like #FilmYourHospital has led some to believe that empty waiting rooms and hospital parking lots are proof that the coronavirus is an elaborate hoax. While the pandemic has surely ushered in a new normal, is there really any evidence that a secret organization has orchestrated the whole thing to gain more leverage? That’s for you to decide.

These are the most popular, but certainly not the only theories. What do you think is the truth? What do you believe in your heart? Is one of these three theories more plausible than what you’re being told on the news? We’ll leave it up to you to decide.