We live in a cosmic shooting gallery of meteors, comets, solar radiation, electromagnetic pulses, and gamma rays, on a molten volcanic bomb of a planet under attack by bacterial and rapidly mutating viral pathogens, unable to control the consequences of our own science and technology: nuclear weapons, climate change, and artificial intelligence.

The formula that has allowed us to survive and advance, transforming nature, is now counterproductive, making action most difficult. It is easier for us to continue transforming nature than to transform ourselves.

The nine alienations from reality that are leading us to extinction are eternalism, supernaturalism, developmentalism, hyperindividualism, immediatism, capitalism and the highly interrelated financialism, scientificism, and fatalism with its two variants, providentialism and nihilism.

The depth of our dilemma is that the hegemonic economic and political structures and their media are largely based on short-term gain despite long-term consequences.

The bankers and speculators cannot be controlled by the politicians, because the bankers and speculators control the politicians.

We have lost touch with our place in the evolution of the Universe and Mother Earth. Our most common answers to the big questions have worn thin and lack the spiritual urgency that can be the basis for a Survival Movement.

We need to have an understanding of the Universe and Mother Earth and how we are an integral part of evolution, collectively and individually, that renews our identity and values, and elevates our level of consciousness of our current situation and the vulnerabilities and risks that threaten our existence.

What is required is transformation through a Survival Social Movement that constructs a low-carbon, climate-resistant and resilient, recyclable, sustainable society with far greater equality.

The Novel Corona Virus and COVID-19 demonstrate how unprepared we are to confront our high risk threats and how little we invest politically and economically in avoiding them, which also applies to the threats of nuclear weapons and climate change. The degree of disruption of our lives, societies, and economies of the Novel Corona virus and the disease COVID-19 is greater than 9/11, the 2007-2009 financial crisis and subsequent Great Recession combined. Yet, the disruption of the Coronavirus is small, transient, and recoverable, compared to the total, permanent, and irreversible damage of a nuclear exchange or the disruption of the eco-systems and synergies between them that maintain life on Plant Earth, including the critical variable temperature.